Coupon Policy

Dairy Coupon and Promotion Policy

Please contact Kimberly Whitfield for more information regarding the Dairy Coupon and Promotion Policy.

Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 584.583 and Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 584.5922 prohibit below cost sales of dairy products in Nevada. The Nevada Department of Agriculture recognizes the need for distributors to promote their products and to offer a discount to customers through coupons and various dairy promotion.  In order to meet that need, and meet the requirements of the law and regulations, the following policy is adopted.

1. All dairy coupons and other dairy promotion requests must be approved in advance by the Department of Agriculture.  The request should be made in writing via letter, email, or fax.  The request should provide information that details the promotion, the items offered, dates of the offering, and stores that will be used.  It is also helpful to include a copy of the coupon and/or advertisement for the promotion.

2.  A letter should also accompany the request that is signed by the person within the promoting company (company redeeming coupon or paying for the promotion) responsible for the promotion, that contains the following statement:

 "We are aware of the restrictions contained in Nevada Revised Statues 584.583 and Nevada Administrative Code 584.5922 as they apply to below cost sales.  The discounts provided on these dairy products will not bring the price of the dairy products below cost."

In lieu of a signed letter from the responsible person, an email stating the above from that person will suffice.

3. Assuming all aspects of the coupon or promotion meet the above requirements and do not violate the below cost prohibition of NRS 584.583 or NAC 584.5922, approval will be granted.